DeWitt & Associates

Software Conversion

    In many cases, a user has a software package that performs some business related task with exceptional efficiency but operates on an outdated platform. Often the platform is old enough that spare parts are no longer manufactured and/or there is no upgrade path because the vendor has gone out of business or changed directions.

    DeWitt & Associates has extensive experience and tools for porting applications between a variety of platforms and languages. Platforms include Honeywell Multics, IBM mainframes, Unix workstations and PC's. Languages include PL/1, FORTRAN, C, C++, and a variety of assembler languages. Our tools include a COBOL to C translator.

    DeWitt & Associates does most of its conversion work on a fixed price basis, providing the customer with a clear picture of the cost of porting the software package. Porting includes a one year warranty, if any problems are found for up to one year after acceptance of the ported software, we will correct the problems a no additional charge.

    For more information about the people who comprise DeWitt & Associates or to find out more about our software products and services, please contact Dr. Henry DeWitt by e-mail ( or call us at (302)226-0521