DeWitt & Associates

Scientific Software Development

    DeWitt & Associates have extensive experience developing and maintaining scientific software applications. These applications range from statistical analysis of weapon system performance to space probe dynamics, from databases for the storage of scientific data to data extraction and analysis.

    DeWitt & Associates personnel have a scientific background (at least a BS is a scientific field) which allows them to quickly understand the purpose of the desired software. A good understanding of the underlying science produces the desired product more quickly and with fewer problems.

    Scientific software devleopment work is proformed on a variety of platform, including all versions of UNIX and PC. Work can be done a fixed price basis if the task is well understood or on a time and materials basis.

    For more information about the people who comprise DeWitt & Associates or to find out more about our scientific software services, please contact Dr. Henry DeWitt by e-mail ( or call us at (302)226-0521