DeWitt & Associates

Spacecraft Support Software

    DeWitt & Associates has been providing support to spacecraft programs for over 30 years. This support includes the development of flight software and ground station support software. This work has led to several products that are directly relevant to other spacecraft programs programs or could be used as the basis of related software packages for other programs.

    DeWitt & Associates has the following products available for sale and will provide a review copy upon request.

    Satellite ground station control software with the ability to control all ground station equipment including providing pointing angles to one or more antennas. This system is configured by a text file, so adding control of new instruments does not require writing new code. The system provides many unique features including the ability to track more than one spacecraft at a time and sycronization of two computers to provide hot backup. The software operates under Windows 7 or above. The system is currently operating more than 30 ground stations. For further information

    Deep Space Network (DSN) contact planning software which ingests DSN format files and provides a visual display of contact information. The PC based software eases the task of the contact planning staff to quickly respond to changes and to keep track of the spacecrafts contacts and conflicts with the requirements of other spacecraft.

    Spacecraft resource allocation management software which allows the user to keep track of the spacecraft resources by processing the data that is uploaded to the spacecraft and the dumps of data from the spacecraft. This PC based system provides a graphical display of resource usage to facilitate management of the resource by mission operations personnel.

    A set of C++ base classes for a spacecraft simulator. The base class provide common functions such as passing information between instruments on board the spacecraft, timing and processing of upload and down load data. These base classes (PC and UNIX compatible) facilitate the development of a spacecraft simulator which allows prediction of the timing of events on board the spacecraft based on the uploaded commands, including constraint checking and verification of command validity.

    For more information about the people who comprise DeWitt & Associates or to find out more about our spacecraft related products and services, please contact Dr. Henry DeWitt by e-mail ( or call us at (302)226-0521