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    DeWitt & Associates operates under the premise that the quality and cost of a software product has much more to do with the quality of the staff assigned to complete the task than the does the ability to provide unlimited resources. Many a software project has cost far more than anticipated because management did not appreciate that a few good people will produce a software product that is better and far cheaper than just throwing a sufficient quantity of people at the problem.

    DeWitt & Associates hires only software professionals with experience that are known quantities, i.e. people that we know about from our contacts in the industry.

    Where possible we prefer to do our work on a fixed price basis (which includes a one year warranty), because the customer needs to have a good idea of the cost of the software before commiting valuable resources.

    For more information about the people who comprise DeWitt & Associates or to find out more about our software products and services, please contact Dr. Henry DeWitt by e-mail (hdewitt@dewitt-assoc.com) or call us at (302)226-0521